Rosie’s Law is a proposal that is popular with Texans because it will make a huge difference in so many of our lives. Use these resources to advocate for Rosie’s Law in your community. 

Polling Memo

A light orange background with maroon text that reads: 84% of Texas voters across the political stpectrum, including 75% of Republicans, shouldn't be able to deny people coverage for abortion care because they are working to make ends meet.

New polling shows that a majority of Texas voters support lifting the ban on Medicaid coverage of abortion services in Texas.

Roses For Rosie Zine

A light orange background with the outline of the state of texas repeating in a patter. There is text on the top that reads Roses For Rosie. In the middle of the image is a drawing of a brown woman with a humble smile looking forward. She has orange and red flowers around her. Below the drawing is text that reads a zine to celebrate Rosie Jimenez's life and legacy.

This zine is a beautiful tribute to Rosie Jimenez, a vibrant and fun college student and single mom from McAllen Texas who lost her life in 1977 due to a racist abortion restriction. The zine features beautiful full-color pro-abortion art and straight-forward information about how you can be a powerful abortion access advocate. Sign up to order a printed zine! You’ll also have the chance to download a virtual version.